Cold World.

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Intense. Duisburg Hardcore.

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Brutality Will Prevail. Wales Downtempo Hardcore.

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A Traitor Like Judas.

Face Your Pain. Dresden Hardcore. 

Me supporting Polar back in these days @ Novitatis, Dresden.

Stick To Your Guns. Live at HHF Fest.

Being As An Ocean.



“Every saga has a beginning …”

Conscientious clothing. Fresh designs. High quality. A strong claim. Affordable. This was the inspiration of two Dresden-based bro’s to spark their WHAT MEANS THE MOST flame. With that burning passion, we want to make the difference and step into reality.

Inspired by this idea, we’d like to create a fashion label which combines social responsibility and ecological sustainability with authentic designs of the tattoo and alternative music scene while letting you decide what to produce, consum and engage. Fueled by our own ambitions we want to change things despite any obstacles. We do know, that the galactic empire wasn’t build by our dear Darth Vader in one day and that it takes time and effort to get where we want to be. But the time is now.